Rice Straws

Why are rice straws preferable to paper?

  • Rice straws will hold their shape and functionality for longer (1-3 hours).

Why are rice straws preferable to PLA (corn starch) plastic

  • PLA plastic requires optimum composting conditions in order to degrade rapidly. Rice straws are made from organic material and will decompose naturally and quickly.

Can rice straws be used for hot drinks?

  • Yes, unlike PLA (corn starch) plastic straws

Why are rice straws BC PST (provincial sales tax) exempt?

  • As they are made from food products they are exempt from the 7% PST. This is a distinct advantage over other straw alternatives who generally are subject to the tax

Bamboo Cutlery

Can the cutlery be put in the dishwasher?

  • Yes, but they will last longer if hand washed

Why is bamboo such a sustainable material?

  • Bamboo grows exceptionally fast, requires very little water and is resistant to staining and warping. It also has natural anti-bacterial properties and will degrade naturally back into the environment once no longer required

Areca Palm Leaf Plates

Can the plates be reused?

  • They are sold as single-use, however, with careful use they can be reused for a limited time

How do I dispose of the plates once used?

  • They are a natural material made from fallen Areca palm leaves, they can go into a municipal composting program or composted at home

Can Areca plates & bowls be cost competitive to employing a dishwasher?

  • Yes, if you factor all the costs associated with employing a dishwasher - labor costs, equipment costs, supply costs, depreciation costs, extra costs involved with sterilization etc.

Can they be used in the microwave and oven?

  • Microwave - definitely yes, oven - yes, but keep an eye on them, they are made from organic material and will eventually burn depending on temperature and time exposed to heat


How do I get wholesale pricing?

  • The website is set up such that large volume discounts apply to carton sized orders

Do you offer wholesale credit accounts?

  • No, all sales are processed through the website

How do I place volume orders for multiple locations?

  • Either proceed with one group order and include multiple shipping locations in the notes section of the checkout cart or contact us at saiogonforest@gmail.com